Custom Made Sea Glass Jewelry

parašė , 2017-07-20 19:28

Everyone has a favorite color, or a favorite hobby, or a favorite holiday or special occasion. These types of things come in handy when it comes to designing jewelry. Some of today’s top  jewelry designers have made lots of money catering to individual wishes with custom pieces. I have recently started making custom sea glass jewelry.

There are many different options you can offer.  One is the type of wire wrapping used. Some wire wraps are simple, and some are complex incorporating lots of swirls. There is also a wide variety of different wire colors available,  gold and silver, blue, red, black, brown, orange and pink to name some of them.

Then there are the types of beads in a never ending color pallet. You can choose from simple beads purchased at craft stores or for a more specialized piece find a bead store that has a larger variety of specialty glass beads or use gem stone beads. Charms are a great way to personalize jewelry and  are very easy to come by, also in craft stores or online.  You can find a charm for almost any hobby or sport or career.

Custom made sea glass jewelry is a great way to jump start a small home business.

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